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We are a land surveying company operating in Podkarpacie district in Poland for many years.
Our aim is to attend the clients quickly and professionally.

Good organisation of work makes our prices not expensive and work on the order starts immediately after undertaking.

We have four experienced work teams using modern
total-station instruments with internal data collectors
and high-class computer hardware as well as professional GPS receiver

Moreover, thanks to our own computer programs we are more efficient and our clients are even more contented.

History Of The Firm:

History of our activity dates back to 1983, when we have performed professional land surveying (geodesy and cartography) services and prepared maps for both commercial, residential and farm areas, buildings, pipelines, streets and other facilities, initially taking orders mainly from private people.
Within the next years apart from diverse small orders we did lots of relatively large works for individuals, companies as well as public sector, in which the area of surveys included the territory of entire housing estates, villages and towns.

Here are some of them:

Map actualizations and preparing maps for planning purpose:
for project of gas pipeline in housing area of Rudna Mała gm. Głogów willage, for project of telephone net - Rudna Mała village, Kraczkowa village - map actualization for project of gas pipeline overhaul, Dębina village gm. Białobrzegi - map for project of telephone net, Łukawiec village gm. Trzebownisko - map actualization for project of gas pipeline,

Marking out and post-executory inventory of:
gas pipeline in Rudna Mała gm. Głogów Młp., high-pressure gas pipeline in Zaczernie - Głogów Młp, telephone net in Mogielnica village, gm. Boguchwała, high-pressure gas pipeline Trzebownisko - Jasionka village and also: Ostrowy Tuszowskie i Jagodnik gm. Cmolas, Zaborów gm. Czudec, telephone net w Rzeszowie - Wilkowyja Południe district, gas pipeline in Wyżne village gm. Czudec and in Przedmieście Czudeckim - Zawisłoczu, in Orły village gm. Orły former Przemyskie Province, gas pipeline in Kosina village gm. Łańcut, Trzeboś village, Kąty Trzebuskie, gm. Sokołów Młp. Tarnawiec gm. Kuryłówka, Styków gm. Głogów Młp, Wólka Niedźwiedzka gm. Sokołów Młp., Wilcza Wola gm. Dzikowiec, Spie gm. Dzikowiec, Rudna Mała - Podbór gm. Głogów Młp., Lipnica gm. Dzikowiec, water pipeline we wsi Słocina - Podbór gm. Głogów Młp., Marking out and pos-executory inventory of gas net for Sokołów Małopolski, water pipeline przy ul. Olbrachta w Rzeszowie, sieci kanalizacji sanitarnej wsi Krasne gm. Krasne, plumbing and water pipeline na osiedlu przy ul. Kmicia i Zagłoby w Rzeszowie, plumbing in Rogoźnica village gm. Głogów Młp., plumbing net in Krasne village gm. Krasne - stage II, along Polna, Wiosny Ludów, Dębnik, Podzwierzyniec street in Łańcut,

And also:
engineering and construction surveys during detached housing estate building by Załęzka street in Rzeszów, marking out, post-executory inventory, precise control surveys, and as-built surveys for workshops building for the firm Przedsiębiorstwo Transsystem z Woli Dalszej beside by Łańcut, and precise numeric map preparation fo that firm engineering and construction surveys during reduction-survey gas station building in Boguchwała; w Rzeszów - station for heat and power plant in Załęże; in Głogów Młp.; w Jasionka gm. Trzebownisko, and also services during building reduction-survey gas station (capacity 24 000 m3/h) for heat and power plant in Tarnów city.

Years 2001, 2003, 2004 - land surveying services for Zakład Gazowniczy (Gas Institute) in Rzeszów including preparing maps for planning, marking out and post-executory inventory of gas pipelines.

Land Surveys

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37-100 Łańcut
Podkarpacie, POLAND
phone +48 (17) 2254757
mobile +48 604-433-548

W h e n    y o u :
  • Want to plug into gas, water pipeline, plumbing, electricity and other facilities
  • Have a property consisting of several adjacent plots of land, and want to merge them into one plot
  • Intend to fence building plot and don't know the boundaries
  • Wish to know the area of your property
  • Are building a new house
  • Have a house built and want to enfranchise or settle the building
  • Want to evolve agricultural area into building area
  • Need subdivision or boundary staking of your plot
  • Cannot reach an agreement with your neighbour regarding the route of your boundaries
  • Would like to complete state maps with new objects
... we will provide you with a comprehensive land surveying services,
and if necessary, contact you with other building related companies.